The world’s coolest cane


“HAMMERCANE” Born out of necessity, and the need not to carry an “old man’s cane.” HAMMERCANE is the ultimate “cool cane” ! It’s a cane, a tool, and a piece of art, all in the palm of your hand.

Considered STEAMPUNK in origins and OLD SCHOOL in nature, HAMMERCANE is fast becoming a necessary piece in the wardrobe of those who subscribe to these growing genres. Unlike other artistic installations, HAMMERCANE can be personalized, inscribed, and made to suit varying heights and weights further touting each creation as an original work of art.

HAMMERCANE is only limited by your imagination.
Scott Given

Conceived by the unconventional mind of Scott Given, an Ontario native living and working out of his home in Southern Ontario, Given has been experimenting in metal art for years both before and after his graduation from the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Born out of necessity – In the summer of 2009, Given suffered an injury which left him crippled in one ankle. Forced to use a traditional cane after months of rehabilitation, the realization that he was not living his authentic self came crashing down on him like a HAMMER, and thus, HAMMERCANE was conceived. Pre-destined to create in the paths of his ancestral machinations, to create something from fire and strength and sweat and purpose, Given sacrificed his beloved hammer, paired it with a heavy steal chain and went to work.

From the plasma fires of his workshop, HAMMERCANE had been realized. As it cooled Given recalls a renewed sense of purpose overwhelm his senses. Not only was he now in possession of the world’s coolest cane, he felt he could again walk with pride, destiny’s limp the inspiration to his re-establishing himself as a leader in innovation and creativity.

HAMMERCANE made me, Me again. scott-given-hammercane-02
Scott Given

HAMMERCANE demands attention, and Given realized this soon after his prototype had been crafted. Everywhere he went enquiries and offers followed in response to his efforts. After many refusals to sell his own HAMMERCANE the idea that HAMMERCANE could help others as well as a creative outlet for him fast became a reality.

And so this is where the story of HAMMERCANE grows and becomes something more.

This is where the story becomes your own.

I have seen the future, and it goes by the name: HAMMERCANE. Michael Poeltl – author of the Apocalyptic trilogy: The Judas Syndrome